Training and Development Policy

Adopted on the XXX of XXXX 20XX


1.1 Hurst Green Parish Council [the council] is committed to improving the standard of its staff and councillors through training and professional development, for the benefit of good governance and for
residents of the parish of Hurst Green.

1.2 It is recognised that training can take many forms, and the council encourages any individual connected with the council to both identify and to consider undertaking further training to increase the services and skills they can bring to the council.

1.3 The council will pay for the Clerks’ subscription to the Society of Local Council Clerks. It will encourage the Clerk to become a qualified Clerk. It will be a requirement of the Clerk role for future job holders to hold the qualification, or commit to achieving it, or a recognised equivalent. The council also pays for membership to bodies such as Sussex Associations of Local Councils.

1.4 With regards to its employees, the council expects all its employees to identify and undertake continuous Professional Development (CPD) relevant to their role and to keep a record that they
have done so.

1.5 With regards to its councillors, as a primarily voluntary organisation the council values the time given by its councillors to their community. This policy is aimed at maximising the rewards from that time by ensuring that its councillors understand and enjoy the important role they undertake in the community.

1.6 This policy will be reviewed at least annually by the council.