Minutes of the January 2020 Parish Council meeting – Hurst Green Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held in Hurst Green Village Hall on Tuesday 28th January 2020 starting at 8pm.

Present:- Councillor Brown, Councillor Duddridge, Councillor Hampton, Councillor Janes, Councillor Price (from 8.12pm), Councillor Wright, County Councillor John Barnes (from 8.09pm).and District Councillor Mary Barnes (from 8.09pm). The RFO, David Hilbourne and the Clerk were in attendance along with one member of the public.

1.0 Apologies for absence

Councillor Browne (family illness), Councillor Johnson (prior engagement) and Councillor Kenchington (family commitments). In the absence of Councillor Browne, Councillor Janes chaired the meeting.

2.0 Minutes of the last meeting

To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd December 2019.

Councillor Brown requested two changes to the minutes, agenda item 4.3 i) remove; as other sites other than Cooks Field also reported on and did not wish to highlight any particular site and agenda
item 7.2 wanted it noted that cheque numbers 1123 and 1121 were covered by a Government grant rather than Parish Council funds.
Councillors Mary and John Barnes joined the meeting at 8.09pm.
Subject to amendments above minutes proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor Duddridge. Councillor Price joined the meeting at 8.12pm.


in accordance with the Members’ Code of Conduct: to receive any disclosure by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the member regards the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

None declared.


to consider written requests from Members for Dispensation and to consider the length of time the dispensation should be granted for i.e. as a one-off relating to a matter on this agenda, or ongoing for a set period and relating to any agenda within that period.

None received.

4.0 COMMUNITY- Activities and reports: –

4.1 Request from the Hurst Green Bowls Club for a donation to help support the purchase of a new mat (Cllr. Johnson)
In Councillor Johnson’s absence this item was postponed to the next meeting.
4.2 Neighbourhood Plan, progress report and to pass any necessary resolutions (Cllrs. Brown &
Councillor Brown gave the report.
i) Review progress of call for more potential sites
No report.
4.3 Old Community Shop building report and position statement and to pass any resolutions
proposed relating to the building
The acting Chair highlighted the presentation during the public consultation prior to the meeting given
by Mandy Janes noting that local people still want the building used as a community site to meet and
eat. The Clerk reported that Councillor Browne has been in touch with the owner of the site to see that
they want due to the restrictions in the current lease.
Councillor Wright proposed that the Expression of Interest should be proceeded with. This was
unanimously supported.
Clerk to arrange ad in the Wealden Advertiser.
The RFO gave a report over issues with the utility companies and the building.
Councillor Brown suggested that a working party should be set up.
It was unanimously agreed that as a short-term measure, Councillor Wright should hold the keys
to the building and do the meter reads and look at the heating controls.
4.4 Clerk’s report
The Clerk gave a verbal report.
4.5 Parish Correspondence and local resident issues
The Council has rec’d an email asking if anything is being planned re a litter pick in the village.
4.6 Urgent issues requiring attention
Nothing reported.
i) any comments re RDC’s Budget consultation?
No comments
4.7 Councillors questions, none rec’d
No issues reported.
Appeal- RR/2019/285/P, land at 47 London Road has been appealed.
6.1 RDC Planning decisions
RR/2019/2333/P – 99 London Road, Lynwood, Hurst Green TN19 7PN. Proposed loft conversion with
rear dormer. Granted.
6.2 Current Applications.
No applications rec’d.
7.0 Finance/RFO’s Report:-
The RFO, David Hilbourne gave his report.
7.1 Current financial position
Balance of accounts
Community Account (6752) £28,940.96 as at 20
th Jan 2020
Community Savings (6779) £7,926.92 as at 20
h Jan 2020
Renewals A/C (6760) £99.18 as at 20
th Jan 2020

These figures are the position as at the latest statements received as shown. They do not include
monies received or paid away subsequently.

Direct Debit payments
Castle Water, water bill for the old community shop. £42.34
EON, Electricity A/c for the old community shop. £2,207.40
Payments received
16th Jan 20, EON, Refund for electricity for the old community shop. £2,081.53
7.2 Motion to approve invoices and approval and issue of Cheques
Urgent cheques drawn and paid away and not reported
Cheque No. 1001123 – World Meadows Services, withdrawn as payee requested name change*
Cheque No. 1001124 – *Dawn Brickwood, Neighbourhood Plan grassland survey. £1,000.00
Cheque No. 1001125 – J Ellis, Clerk’s Salary (Dec). £555.65
Cheque No. 1001126 – D Hilbourne, RFOs salary (Dec). £145.83
Cheque No. 1001127 – East Sussex Pension Scheme, re Clerk (Dec). £170.87
Cheque No. 1001128 – HMRC, remit PAYE. £192.80
Cheque No. 1001129 – Pet Waste solutions, dog waste bin empty (Dec). £135.19
Cheque No. 1001130 – Waitrose, Chairman re public relations. £98.05
Cheques to be authorised for this meeting
Cheque No. 1001131 – Spoiled. –
Cheque No. 1001132 – J Ellis, Clerk’s Salary (Jan). £562.05
Cheque No. 1001133 – D Hilbourne, RFOs salary (Jan). £145.83
Cheque No. 1001134 – East Sussex Pension Scheme, re Clerk (Jan). £170.87
Cheque No. 1001135 – Pet Waste solutions, dog waste bin empty (Jan). £135.19
Cheque No. 1001136 – Richard Pelham, repair parish noticeboard.. £30.00
Cheque No. 1001137 – HG Breakfast Club, s137 donation for Nov & Dec. £200.00
Cheque No. 1001138 – British Gas, Gas for old community shop, final A/c. £130.49
A resolution for approval is sought for past and present invoices (as circulated via email prior to the meeting
to all Councillors) and issue of Cheques.
Approval of Invoices and Cheques proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor

7.3 Resolution to support a precept of £46,350 for 2020-2021 as recommended by working party on the 7th January 2020
This was unanimously supported.

Councillors John and Mary Barnes left the meeting at 9.42pm.

8.0 Playing & Stage Fields

Councillor Hampton asked if anything was being done regarding the replacement of old play equipment in Lodge Field? This has been discussed and will be a future project.

9.00 Items for the next agenda

Neighbourhood Plan.
Other items to be emailed to Clerk as necessary.

10.0 Date and time of next Meeting

The next Council meeting is on Tuesday 25th February 2020 in Hurst Green Village Hall starting at 8.00pm with public consultation from 7.45pm. The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.51pm.

Distribution of Minutes: – Signed Cllr. Graham Browne
All Parish Councillors Chairman
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ESCC Councillor J. Barnes
RDC Councillor M Barnes.

Dated 25th February 2020