Financial Year 2021 / 2022 – Hurst Green Parish Council

Documents within this section relate to the financial year above, and are classified as Class 2 documents “what we spend and how we spend it” in the Information Commissioner’s Office publication scheme for Parish Councils.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000’s model publication scheme requires Parish Council’s to proactively publish information, it consists of seven commitments and seven classes of information and commits the Council to publish this information – it is therefore an important legal requirement for the Council to comply with this. If a document is not yet hyperlinked, the public are entitled to request a copy of the document from the Clerk to the Council, and without charge (at no cost).

Class IDDocument
C2 / 001Exercise of Public Rights 2022
Hurst Green PC Final internal audit report 2021-22
AGAR 2021-2022
Box 4 Explanation for external auditor
Explanation of variances proforma (Excel Spreadsheet)
Bank reconciliation proforma (Excel Spreadsheet)
C2 / 004Report by external auditor
C2 / 006Notice of conclusion of audit
C2 / 008Finalised budget
C2 / 011Annual Budget
C2 / 012Fixed Asset list 2020
C2 / 014Accounts and annual returns, CRICKET FIELD AND RECREATION GROUND – 305263, Register of Charities – The Charity Commission
C2 / 015Risk Management Schedule
C2 / 017Risk Assessment Schedule (dates the council will review policies, risks, records, insurance etc)
C2 / 018Borrowing Statement
C2 / 019Financial Regulations
C2 / 020Grants given and received
C2 / 021S137 Policy
C2 / 022Community Infrastructure Levy Report
C2 / 023Members’ allowances and expenses
C2 / 024Information Commissioners Office Certificate
C2 / 025Certificate of Employer’s Liability Insurance and Summary of Insurance Cover
Neighbourhood Plan cashbook 2020-2021